From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Into the New Year ...

Since I was little I was an actress. Acting in all my elementary school plays and musicals. A one-girl act in talent shows with the loving support and encouragement from my mom and grandma. My grandma was my seamstress. Always making my costumes. Always coming up with the creative ideas behind my talent. She was self-taught.The love of learning and creating flowing like blood through her veins. It seeped from her pores. Contagious. Then she came to know Jesus. What a Savior! Her conversations about Him as vibrant and glowing as if she had met Him in person. She did. One lonely night in the living room of her trailer. In front of the tv. Having witnessed the death and divorce of loved ones. Shattered hopes and dreams. A habit she needed to break. Friends she needed to make. There, my grandma met Jesus. 
 I majored in Communications in college. With an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Then two years later switching to print media. I dj'd a bit. Wrote for a town newspaper. And had hopes of editing Vogue or Mademoiselle magazines. (High hopes for a small town girl.) The Big Apple was gearing up for my arrival. 
Then I met Jesus. Not in the living room or by the tv. But in a quiet Wednesday night prayer meeting in my local church. Having witnessed the death and divorce of loved ones. Shattered hopes and dreams. A habit I needed to break. (or two or three) Friends I needed to make. Jesus met me there. I can remember singing, "I surrender All. All to Jesus, my precious Savior. I surrender all...." It's a beautiful hymn I've sung many times since. The Lord took me from majoring in magazines to majoring in missions. I traveled the world. Touching hearts and souls that were seeking. Seeking for what my grandma found. A love for Jesus. I left Him there to fill the bleeding holes in their hearts. Hoping  that my life was contagious enough. They wanted to know my story. HA! It's so simple. Hardly worth telling. Except when someone wants it. Wants Him. Then it's like blood flowing through their veins. His blood.. That covers all our sins. A must have. Essential. Contagious. 
Now I'm back on the mission field in my own home. Hoping to inspire two little girls that cling to my every word. They want to "be like me." I want their every breath to be Jesus. I want them to see the fire that still burns in my grandma's heart at 85 years old. Her walk with Jesus is still contagious. That's how I want to be. Yesterday. Today. In this New Year. Let's do it together!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! That is my one desire as a mom; that my children would see and love Jesus!

  2. Your radiant heart so full of Jesus is the most beautiful picture on this post.--More 'contagious' than all the chippy paint and pink roses in all the world over. Your daughters are so blessed to have you for their Momma. I am so blessed to have you for my friend.

  3. What a truly beautiful full of His love and grace. Thank you, Jesus! I enjoyed reading a bit more about you and your story.
    blessings to you and your sweet family this new year,

  4. What a wonderful post, Tammy. I loved reading the story of how you met Jesus. I can feel your love for him and the joy of passing your love on ♥