From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Monday, June 30, 2014


Warm and rainy greetings, dear friends!

I promised you a story on Cecelia! And a story you shall get!
Her story (yes, I'm referring to a piece of furniture! HA) begins one sunny morning when my mom called me up to take the girls for a couple hours. So I was left with the abrupt question of, "Now what do I do?" Have you Mothers ever been in that situation? So much of our lives are wrapped around our children. I love it immensely, but every once in awhile a break is WONDERFUL!
So I grabbed my bike and off I pedaled for a four mile trek. Along a stream, through some woods, all the while gazing at houses that had to cost anywhere from $500,000 and more. I love looking at pretty things and so it was all together peaceful and exhilarating. 
That's when I spotted her!
The For Sale Sign on the house said $780,000. That included a marble spiral stair and open floor plan with all the amenities. But I was looking beyond that...... to Cecelia.
In all her brown, matte finish, pushed disrespectfully among some weeds along the roadside she stood out gleaming to me. AND SHE WAS FREE!
"Lord, if you will please keep her here until I can pedal home, I will be back for her." Doesn't God delight in the desires of our heart? HE PUT THEM THERE!!
Without any thought to picking her up and getting her into my jeep, I pedaled hard and fast.
There she was waiting for me as patiently as when we first met. Did I really expect any less from God?

But what I didn't expect is what I found
inside her.
More on that in a few days!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hello Dear Friends -- 
I hope this summer has been treating you well!
I have been SO enjoying the hot sun on my bare skin. Have you noticed in your part of the world how the sun languishes long into the early evening, making friends wherever he goes? I am trying to catch every warm ray! 
In the midst of enjoying the sun, I've been working on a few DIY projects. I wish I had some before pictures to show you. This chair had a white, caned back which ripped through right after we brought her home from market. I was so dismayed! I got to thinking about some burlap bags I picked up at a hardware store for .50 cents.
I ripped out the old caning and hot glued in part of the burlap bag I cut out to fit. I hot glued some braiding from the fabric store and she was done. What do you think? 
I've named her Isabelle. I'm very excited about the transformation!
This is her sister. Her back has lasted fine, but the seat fell through! Can you believe it? My man cut me a new bottom out of plywood. I am waiting for my new ruffled "skirt" to fit her like on Isabelle.
In the meantime I put together this book page table runner. Isn't she a beauty? I'm so excited about it! Her yellowed pages look perfect running down the long white farm table. They were meant to be! HA!
Since we are on the topic of book pages, I wanted to show you my book page wreath I made. It's my first one. I really like how it turned out! 
In the next post I want to share with you the story of Cecelia. She is my new blue dresser.
If there was ever a gift, she would be it. More to come!