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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have to say I have been giggling about this picture every time I look at it. I've told you the story! We got this hideous-looking Christmas tree this year. Last years was PERFECT. But this year ... Well, let's just say somebody had to have sympathy on the poor thing. And it had to be me! H A!

I tried to decorate it. Honestly. Nothing would help the thorny bush! And it was thorny too!! OUCH!!! I swear it drew blood!
Well, now the tree is history! It went out with the trash Monday. As in the day after Christmas! YEP! Normally our tree would grace our living room until New Years Day. But this year, hours after the presents were opened, and the glow was still on the children's faces, I was happily ridding our house of all the prickly needles and debris.
You know that wonderful evergreen, fresh scent that comes into the house with the tree? Well, this one didn't have one! Another reason I should have thought twice.

Are you gearing up for New Years? What plans do you have?

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