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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ahhh.... Christmas

I love Christmas, don't you? 

We have our outside lights up. Lights on two trees and a sweet little tree with lights in our sun room that can be seen from the road. It's all so glorious! The girls are getting so excited!  How is your family decorating?
Last year we bought a $40 Christmas tree and so this year we decided to save that money and cut down our own in my mother's woods. I wish you could have been there. It was a hoot. As it turned out it was just me cutting down the tree!
Thankfully it was a not-so-cold day and it was the first "little" pine I saw and I didn't have to go far. I say little with a laugh because in my living room it does not look so little. Now I am asking myself how I ever thought it would fit. It does. BARELY.

I have to say it is bar far the UGLIEST tree we have ever put up. I felt sad for it. It was free. Destined to be in my living room. If I have the courage I will take a picture of it. Even with decorations on it, it doesn't help!
But somebody had to love it, right? 
I guess it was meant to be!
Merry Holidays!!

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