From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Monday, December 30, 2013

She's Down

Hi Friends --

Have you put Christmas away? 

Normally I'm all gung ho about getting the tree down the very next day. (That's because it's usually up sometime in early November!) HA!  This year was different. We went for our real tree about seven - 10 days later than normal. I was just behind! Ya know? 

I took the Christmas tree down yesterday.  I lingered as long as possible to stare at her beautiful, twinkling lights. The tree always gets me that way. Beautiful. Romantic. Not to mention the fragrance. A pine scent better than candles! Ahhhhhhhh!

Saturday I put the ornaments away. The tinsel and fake wrapped packages.

Away went the garland.

The Christmas teapot.

Snowman nutcrackers and wooden soldiers.

And then away went Mary and Joseph.

 "Mom did you put Jesus away?" 

"Girls, I put baby Jesus away for another year."  Pause. "But He still lives daily in my heart."

I can talk to Him moment by precious moment.

I can sit and linger as I read His Word. (Like sipping a cup of coffee. Enjoying it's rich flavor)

I am engaged with Him as I read.

His presence is felt.

Sometimes I'm there because I want to continue my "habit" of being alone with Him.

Sometimes I don't "feel" his presence, but I know He is always with me.

How sweet is that?

So to answer the question, I can never put Jesus away.
 He is always with me. He will never forsake me. And He will never forsake you. Just ask Him to come in to your heart today.  It's the best decision you can make for a brand new year.

New Year Blessings, My Friends --

Saturday, December 14, 2013

She's Up!

Christmas Greetings Everyone --
We finally got our Christmas tree last Saturday! Is anyone else a little behind like I am? It's unusual for us to have our tree up so late in the season. Oh well. It's up now! Today we strung the outside lights and glory of all is snowing right now!!! Big, billowy snowflakes flying through the sky. It's so beautiful looking out the window! And they are coming fast!! Lots of them. WOHOOO!!!!!
Earlier this week I made dozens of cookies.... chocolate, peppermint brownie bites, chocolate chip; chocolate chip caramel; blueberry oatmeal bars and chocolate chip bars. Can you tell we have a little chocolate chip thing goin' on? HA!
More pictures to come as I download them from the computer. Until then .... enjoy the season whereever it might find you.