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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glitter and Glam

Everything that sparkles was on my Christmas table Sunday. It was our progressive dinner party for our small church group. Have you ever been to a progressive party? They are so much fun.

I'll never forget the first one I went to in Dallas, Texas with my sister. The house was beautiful. The people we met there were Christians and so delightful and inviting to us strangers. Have you ever had a near-perfect occasion? This was one of those. Everyone was delightful. The surroundings were beautiful. The food was scrumptious. It was the Christmas season! 

In a progressive dinner you start out at somebody's house for appetizers for about 45 minutes. Then you travel to the next house for the main course. The third house offers the desserts. We have always played the white elephant game at all our progressive parties. I love the "stealing" part. It really gets the party started! Does anyone understand what I mean? Have you been to one of those? It's not so much fun unless someone is willing to playfully "steal" the other guest's opened gift. If that idea bothers you, be assured that nobody goes home without a gift. The one stolen from always gets to choose another gift. The banter and laughter fill the room like the presents and people at the party.
Enjoy your festivities as you make your way through the Christmas season!
Stay tuned: I can't wait to share with you one of my newest "ventures"! 


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