From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nutcracker Ballet

Merry Christmas to All --
Now that we got our youngest one's birthday party done, we can finally concentrate on Christmas preparations. She had a lovely time. It all went so well.. I was so delighted! Here are a few pictures from the big day. Enjoy!
We hired a teenager from Rachel's creative movements class to teach the nine girls some ballet steps. It was adorable watching them all dance around our family room. All adorned in fancy outfits that they wore for the occasion. My two girls are in the silvery sequins.
After the dance lessons we had a yummy tea party with snowflake sandwiches, pink gingerale (at the birthday girl's request, of course) and some yummy vanilla and raspberry cupcakes adorned with dancers. A sweet affair!
After seconds and thirds were consumed, the girls made pretty purple tutus to take home. 
The girls used rainbow colored ribbons to tie in between each piece of tulle. So creative and so cute!
And of course the evening was not complete until we visited the sweet shop! Everyone took home a little sugar in their sparkly bags along with their beloved nutcrackers.

Merriest of Merry's!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!
I've been decking the halls with some `vintage finds. Come. Take a look.
One of my daughters was in a Christmas pageant. She was happy to be an angel!
I love how I captured the picture just as she was about to wave.
Tomorrow we celebrate my baby's sixth birthday. It's so hard to believe! We are having a Nutcracker ballet theme. I'll share pictures with you when it's all over.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Many Thanks

For so long I have been yearning for a dresser to fill the landing at the bottom of our stairs. It leads into our family room. It has just cried out for something for so long, I had almost forgotten about it. Until one day this week while browsing Craigslist for a bathroom vanity. There it was. A brand new made-to-look distressed dresser! I opened the picture, saw the chippy loveliness and knew it was mine. The price was sweet too!
Now I sit at the top of my stairs, sip my tea and sigh. Isn't it so wonderful just to gaze at something beautiful? I am so thankful. 
I so love the detailing and curvy legs.
Since the Fall season has set in, I've been doing lots of crafting. I wrapped these cute little gifts in newspaper wrapping paper, glittered some pinecones and set them under the lit tree. It all came together just right!

I hope you are having a wonderful season of thanks giving!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


November always catches me off guard. It's cousins, September and October, rush in with a calendar-load of Autumn activities. There was leaves to rake, hay wagon rides, carmel apples and apple dumplings to make. Apple picking and long, crisp hikes in a fresh wood laced with leaves in their true colors of oranges, reds and yellows. I love all that! But when November comes in, at least this year, it came in colder than I was expecting. The previous months brought in gradual cooler temperatures that still reminded me of my long, lazy days of summer.  

But not November! It reminds me of a story I was just reading to my girls. A book about the cold wind knocking at the door. Innocent Mr. Owl invited the cold wind inside and it quickly put out the cheery fire and made his hot cocoa cool. I'm not ready for that knock at the door. Are you? 
Today my girls and I pulled out our winter box of goodies. Fleece turquoise and pink scarves, fuzzy white hats and warm, winter gloves. It felt good to welcome those old friends to the beginning of November. I guess I better keep them handy. My mother tells me we are expecting a Nor'easter. I'm definitely not ready for that!
Enjoy these cooler COLDER days my friend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

To Market, To Market ...

Hello Everyone --
I've been feasting my eyes on wonderful fairytale blue/gray pumpkins, nubby, squat gray ones and tall, ridged orange ones. They are all so creative and wonderful to look at. But I didn't just look at the ones displayed in this wonderful farmers market  we visited in North Carolina recently. I brought some home. And some home made cider! Muscadine, in fact. Have you ever heard of Muscadine cider? I never have and it is so, so yummy!! YUM.ME. My honey also loved the blackberry cider we found there in the coolest vintage jugs. O SO CUTE!! Brought some of those home too!
Hands down one of the coolest places I've ever been in. The displays with old crates and wine barrels and wire baskets were so charming. They had vintage tractors throughout to display some of their goodies upon the seats. And did I mention you could sample EVERYTHING? Candy, nuts, cider, honey, crackers and on and on. Unashamedly we stopped again on our return trip home for more samples. We were not disappointed!
We'll be back again next year!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Memories

We have created some warm, fun summer memories this year. One of my favorite memories is this beautiful, antique chamber pot my grandma surprised me with. I placed it high up on my bedroom dresser to protect it from curious hands.
This vintage, white mirror was picked up from Out on a Whim a wonderful antique store in Leesburg, Virginia. I've always wanted a shabby mirror above my dresser and I finally found this one. I love the shape and patina. Someday I hope to find the perfect white, chippy dresser to go with it. First things first! 
And of course what would summer be without swimming? That is a vacation all its own. My girls enjoy every minute of it and hate to see the pool season come to a close.
I made some simple updates to our UGLY bathroom which has made a BIG difference. I'll have pictures soon. Also, this is our 9th wedding anniversary and my man is building me a night stand. I'm planning to paint it turquoise and distress it. Those pictures to come! 
Warm Summer Days my friends!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Part of the Family

We are soooooooooo blessed to have "added" to our family two more Chinese girls! They came and went so quickly this year, unlike other years, we really had to make the best use of every minute while they were here. They come through an agency called, American Home Life. They place Chinese students, ages 10-14 in your home for up to 2 weeks once or twice a year. This is our fourth time hosting.
I have to say, these were two of the sweetest girls we've ever hosted. They were so helpful in the kitchen and with dinner. It's hard to see them go! (sigh)
We miss you already Doris and Rita!! And for those of you that have heard about my recent change in hair color, here is a sneak peak of the new me. From a blonde to a brunette! It took me at least one month to "recognize" myself in the mirror after the first color change. We are doing it gradually so I can "handle" the change! HA! 
I think I can handle it now (smile).
What are the jar of cookies in the middle you ask? I found this great picture in a magazine with fat, chocolate chip cookies piled high in a cookie jar. I thought it was such a unique and creative idea, that I used it for a recent dessert party. F.U.N.

Hope you are having the greatest summer. We start back to school August 1 here.
Until later ....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eric Liddell was a champion runner You may remember his story from the movie, Chariots of Fire. Something he said, I will never forget: "When I run, I feel God's pleasure." 
I am not a runner by any stretch of the imagination. But I sure do love to decorate!!
Friday I was given the chance of a lifetime! A dear friend, who has seen my house asked if I would decorate a Bed and Breakfast she was renting to throw a 40th birthday party for her husband, Randy. He will also be deployed to Afghanistan in August.  
WOOHOOO!!! It was really a dream come true! Since May until now my brain was filled with wonderful decorating ideas about a Chocolate and Wine Tasting party. Since Randy and Laura are big beach combers we went with a vintage beach theme. Oh, it was fun!!!
I chalk painted empty wine bottles and found the cutest candle corks.My daughters were so gracious to give up some sand from their sand box so I could make a wonderful sand "sculpture" at our fourth wine and chocolate pairing.
We hung (Christmas) lights on the pergola and white lamps for some outside ambiance. It really set the mood.
Because it was over 100 degrees that day, I had to bring in all my candles because they turned to liquid!! What an easy problem to solve! I tried to be mindful of my friend's budget, so I worked with what I had on hand and bought only the things to accessorize.
We had plenty of seashells on hand and some wonderful netting for over our burlap table covers. I also took wine corks and cut a slit in them as a place card holder for the wine and chocolates being tasted. Ann was our wine hostess and she instructed us in proper wine tasting etiquette. There was no shortage of chocolate! I made up these cute little bundles of three Hershey's minis and wrapped them in bits of scrapbook paper. Then I tied some twine around them for a little favor.
And of course there was plenty of food! Family made food and did such a fabulous job creating the finished look my friend Laura was going for. YUM!
I chalk painted an old door my mom had stored away in her garage. It was perfect for wine and chocolate instructions! And as I worked throughout the day getting everything ready, I remembered the words of Eric Liddell and knew I was feeling God's pleasure!
Happy Decorating!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Sunshine & Rain Makes for Great Planting
Playing & Having Fun
Harvesting the Peonies

Taking Off and Putting on a New Roof
Ballet Recital
Here we come Summer!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Spring beckons me outside, I throw open every window and door to delight in the sun. See, I’m an outdoor – kinda – girl. The sun greets me as it envelopes the room I’m in. Folds me into its embrace, and I, a grown woman (with a little girl inside) run happily into the sunshine.
 The word “delight” comes to mind.  My five-year-old princess was delighting in our excursion to the Farmers Market this morning. She skipped and gushed, and giggled and glowed. What beauty. I stopped to take her in. She was aglow with mirth and merriment. I recognized the word in her right away. 
When this season comes upon me, I am so delighted to throw open the door to our sun room. It is only a three season room, so for several months in the winter, we don’t get to enjoy it. But come Spring, the path to the outdoors is always through the sun room. 

I remembered this wonderful mosquito netting I had tucked away. The girls had it in their rooms for awhile and then it became too much of a temptation to tug at, so we had to put it away. Now that we are in a new season, I am trying it out in my space. Lovely, don’t you think? It’s the kind of place I like to languish. Now, my girls do too.
Enjoying the sun until our next chat.