From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Celebrating Rachel

 Hello and Happy New Year! We recently celebrated my youngest's birthday. She turned EIGHT! She loves owls and wanted to have her second owl birthday party in a row. This year we did an outdoor forest theme. She chose an owl piniata. It was so cheerful and cute. Just like Rachel.

Here's the birthday girl in her owl shirt! So for one week prior to Christmas we took time to put Christmas aside and concentrate on her birthday. It's not easy, but well worth it. We talk about her special day non stop for one week so she knows she's not forgotten in all the Christmas rush.
My Mom is a professional cake decorator. Rachel wanted her to come and share some decorating tips with all the girls. They had a blast. Look at some of their fun creations!

Happy New Year sweet friends. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pam's House

Hello Again --
If you missed my previous two posts about our Vintage Home Tours, go back and check them out.  You won't want to miss the decorating inspiration for your own homes.

Now on to Pam's house.

Love the tulle under the tree and the roaring fire place! And how about the old door? I am definitely a lover of old doors!

This lamp shade is made with coffee filters! Isn't that cool? What an awesome DIY. I just wanna make a few right now!

My guy has had a few "boxes" delivered to the house recently. They no sooner get dropped off by fed ex when my oldest runs and snatches them up and takes them into his office. She's his little elf. I am really hoping one of these beauties will be in one of these packages. I doubt it though. My husband is into backpacking now and will most likely have bought me a zero degree sleeping bag like "I" got him for Christmas. HA!
Am I right, honey?

Merry Christmas All!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas!

Christmas Greetings, Friends --
Last night I made my last and final scramble to Boscov's to pick up something for my mom. (Mom, if you are reading this,stop here! HA) That's a joke. My mom used to say she would open up her hidden Christmas gifts while her parents weren't looking and then tape them back up again!!

Do you know anyone like that? 

I wanted to share more pictures with you of my Vintage House Touring party. These next pictures are from Julie's sister Brenda's house. OH the glamour and glitz!!! 

Such sweet details wherever you would look. On one wall Brenda had large Victorian style pictures covering the wall. In another corner she had two curvy vintage dressers atop each other.

She also shared a beautiful Christmas story about her pink Christmas trees. I will not share it here, I just wouldn't do it justice. It's one of those stories that are so precious and funny and a tear jerker all at the same time!

Are you inspired yet? I know I am.
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and resting in the beauty of the quiet manger.

I'll be back with Pam's house soon. You won't want to miss it!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

 Hello Friends --
To kick off the Christmas season I held a Vintage House Touring party. What Fun! There was about 25 ladies in attendance and four ladies that showed their beautiful cottages. We started with Julie and ended with Pam. Each house was decorated with vintage finds and diy hacks.
Sit back with a good cup of steaming tea and enjoy the pictures.

At my house we had hot chocolate on a stick and everyone took home a vintage ornament -- a styrofoam ball wrapped in burlap and stamped with a vintage yule tide message. They really turned out cute. I even painted the jingle bells that I glued on top.
 This is Julie's house. You will love her pink details!

I wish you could have been at Julie's to see all her yummy details! It was so shabby chic and cozy!

I'll be back in another post to share more pictures from our Vintage Christmas Tour. You won't want to miss Brenda and Pam's houses!
Decking the Halls, 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hi Beautiful Friends --
We've been feathering our nest here! Are you done with your Christmas decorations? If you are anything like me, you are never done! HA!  I just have so much fun with it, who wants to stop? It's the delight of seeing something new. You know.... move the couch here, throw some new pillows on it. Hang the bleached pine cone wreath above it ..... It just doesn't stop.
And I'm okay with that! It's fun when my girls get involved too. I'll go into their bedrooms and see that they have moved their Christmas tree from one corner to another or a nutcracker to a higher shelf. They will proudly come out and ask me to "see what I think." Kinda like I do to them when I change something!!

What's happening now is that my youngest has taken it upon herself to "correct" my decoration faux pas! I'll turn around and she'll have moved something just slightly different or shifted the picture frames on the shabby chic coffee table. She's a hoot!

I'm excited to share some FABULOUS pictures from a recent decorating party! Three other chums and I got together for a Vintage House Warming party. It was like a progressive dinner without the dinner part. We drove from house to house looking at each girl's beautiful house and decorations. What a blast. There were about 25 ladies invited and they were treated to some fabulous creativity by these women!! I'll be sharing those pics when I come back here again.
Until then, keep decorating! 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Disney and Back

Hello Friends --
Our family had a chance of a life time to spend eight sunny (read 80 beautiful degrees) in Disney World. My brother invited us for some fun at the parks and pools. I have to say my girls (and my!) favorite thing to do in Disney was the water parks and the resort pools.

One of our Disney goals was to meet the princesses. I would say we were pretty successful. We met every princess from Mary Poppins (I guess she's more of a character) to Ariel and Elsa and Anna. I could tell my youngest was still in the "enthralled" stage. She asked the sweetest, most innocent questions of the princesses. Things like, "Ariel how do you swim under water with your long hair? Does it get in the way?" And "Elsa, will you give Olaf a hug from me. I like him." OH MY!!

So you know I couldn't make this post without some sort of decorating mention. Well, here it is. Our condo was dreamy! Do you see the planked wall behind the tv? And that white console was so contemporary!! Loved the contrast between the rustic wall and sleek, white table.
We do not own a leather couch, so this one was fabulous! And check out the galvanized-like end table? SWEET!!
I could get used to this view every day. This was our looking out of our sun porch onto one of the six resort pools. I couldn't get enough of seeing palm trees.

I hope you had a thankful holiday!