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Friday, January 6, 2012

On The HomeFront

I am looking forward to this new year and what all God has in store for us. It's very comforting to know He leads us every step we take. Especially when we are taking steps that we don't really want to take. Here's what's on our home front for our most immediate future: 

Will we be getting a new chandy for our kitchen? I so desperately want a new light above our kitchen table. My husband and I can't agree as of yet. However, I just showed him a barn light that's very close to the one I have above my sink and I think he is giving in. hee hee  Although I would love a chandelier, it is not practical in this space.
Will we be remodeling our bathroom? That is one sad looking room. But, serving its purpose right now.
I would much rather have one like the above picture. I have a claw foot tub tucked into a corner of my mom's garage just waiting on a remodel. Hoping it's sooner than later!
Will we be adding a new roof to our house? Sadly this is the one thing we will most likely be doing this year.  We've gotten by five years longer than we should have, and now it's looking like a new roof is in our near  immediate future!
Some other things I would like to add to our home this year are:
WHITE SPACES! MORE OF THEM! I love the creamy, white spaces that I find all over Pinterest. They are so calming and relaxing and just invite you in. I want my house to be a cozy haven that doesn't "interrupt" the gaze from one room to the next. 

I would love to find the last three chairs I need for our farm table. If I could find two oval backed ones like this ....perfection!!

Pinterst ... where else?
How about you? What are you looking for to decorate or update your home this year? It's fun to think and dream. It's even more fun when you have an idea of what you want and can go looking for it!
My husband surprised me for Christmas and gave me a trip to Lucketts Virginia. We are taking the truck!!
Happy Decorating,

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