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Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Mellow Yellow

I'm reading a book called The People Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman. It's really eye-opening! Most people at some point or other have taken a personality test. Ones like Myers-Briggs or ones that link your personality type to an animal like a bear or otter. Have you taken those? They are fun to do and give you insight into yourself. All of these type of personality assessments measure our behavior. Behavior is something we learn.

The People Code (originally called The Color Code in it's first printing) measures our motive, not our behavior. Motive is what we are born with. It is our true personality. It's who we are deep down in. The real me and you made in the image of God. Isn't that exciting?
Like the title suggests, each motive-type is broken down into four main colors: Red, Blue, White and Yellow. Most everyone is dominant in one color and has a secondary color as well. I am Yellow/White.

The RED person's motive is Power. They need to look good (technically), to be right and to be respected. They require approval from a select few. They want leadership and challenging adventures.

The BLUE person's motive is intimacy. They want to be good (morally), to be understood and to be appreciated. They want quality, security and autonomy.

The WHITE person's motive is peace. They need to feel good inside, to be allowed personal space and to be respected and have kindness. They want tolerance, independence and contentment.

The YELLOW person's motive is fun. They need to look good socially, to be noticed and adored. They want happiness, freedom and playful adventure.
There's so much more to read and learn. That's just a little snippet. According to the author, 75 percent of Americans fall into the blue category.
There's a test you can take in the book or online at to find out what your color(s) are. If you take the test, stop back and tell me what colors you are!!

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  1. Interesting:) I'm not sure where I fit...hmmm
    THANKS for the sweet words about my grandbabies!