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Saturday, February 26, 2011

not your usual "Welcome Spring" post

Hi Girls!
I know this isn't what you would expect to find here and especially as it relates to Spring. Spring is not here yet, (although I am patiently watching the skys) but MLB Spring Training has officially begun! (Go RedSox!)

Now, I want you to know that I am not the fan (really the fan), but my husband is. I married my husband, and entered into the world of major league baseball in a way that I had never experienced it before. (hee hee)

Really, I didn't know a thing about professional sports, nor cared, honestly. But I must say, it has been fun helping my husband "decorate" his man cave with all things baseball!
I just love the Red Sox vintage sign I found. Since taking the picture, I've been wondering how I can create that same exposed brick look on the one wall of our family room, ie man cave. Hmmmmmm....that might be my next project! (are you reading this honey?)


  1. That is a great sign! Your husband must love it too! I think a brick wall would be awesome. I think you can get brick veneers? Not sure but worth looking into.

  2. Hi! Oh goodness... you will love Flea Market Style's GREAT idea for baseballs!!! check it out......I know you'll do it :)

    btw: that image header you have is absolutely fantastic.......

    Anne Marie

  3. What an amazing find. I love that it's a vintage one!

  4. Tammy- I am a red sox fan too (though I also don't care much about sports- I was born into a family where red sox is basically a religion, plus I live a 10 minute walk from fenway park) Spring training is such an exciting time of year. I think a fenway sign would be a great project, I am sure your husband would love it.

    Do you already have exposed brick in your "man cave" or are you hoping to fake it? An old apartment I had out in the berkshires had a ton of (kind of awful) faux finishes, including textured plastic wall covering that looked like bricks. If you could score a few sheets of that I am sure you could work magic. It looked super tacky in my old kitchen next to faux wood paneling and a faux stone-tile linoleum floor (really, it was a ridiculous combination, but I was renting, and couldn't change it!) but on it's own it was actually a pretty good replica. People who visited often thought it was real brick until they touched it.