From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farm House Tables & White Wash

I am in HOT PURSUIT of a farm table. One that can seat six people comfortably. Ones where you can gather all your best girlfriends and sip some chai tea or mocha lattes and laugh and hoot and holler about everything. YOU NAME IT!

This is the ultimate one from Dreamy Whites. Love how she has the farm table set and the sweet little chairs all around it. This is the look I am going for!
I am also swooning right now over white washed flooring.
Maybe after I find my Farm Table, I'll talk my beloved into white washing our living room floors! Stay Tuned!


  1. Great inspiration photos Tammy! Maria does have such a beautiful home doesn't she? And I LOVE that photo of that bathroom, it's so light and bright ♥ Tricia

  2. Awesome. I have so much wood furniture. I am so timid to white wash it. I need to get some guts and do it. Like your coffee table. Love it!!

  3. Your coffee table looks great! I love the scenery, facing a window makes it a lot more attractive and fascinating. Really looking great!