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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coffee, Anyone?

We have our annual ladies' event coming up at church in May. It's always a fabulous time! People Go All Out! This year they are having a play entitled, "Brewed Awakenings" in a dinner- theater atmosphere. Isn't that a cute title? The auditorium is set up with round tables of eight and the hostess of each table does her own table scape and dessert preparations.

Let me tell you! These ladies GO ALL OUT!!! Their table scapes are over-the-top-fabulous! They bring in their best china. Even their beautiful table linens and polished silver is not forgotten. I've been one of those ladies that come to the event early just to gawk at everyone's table. You ought to see their desserts too! They are bakery-perfect.

This year I will be a hostess! My plan is to set up my own "little coffee shop" at my table. Kinda like a Parisian cafe. I'm scouring the stores now to find just the right touches. Have any ideas? I would love to hear them!
I told my sister (who is my brainstorming partner in all this) that we will have to make it a point to visit every coffee shop in the area 'til then. I know. I know what you are thinking!  But somebody has to do it. hee hee
I'm glad it gets to be me! As for the desserts.... Well I'll probably be visiting some of our local bakeries, just to make sure my goodies don't look out of place. (smile!)

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  1. How fun!! Make sure you take pics so we can see your table scape. Cool idea, parisan coffee house.