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Friday, February 18, 2011

Table Set for Spring!

For two days, my girls and I have been enjoying temps in the high 50's. It certainly is a luxury to feel the warm sun on your skin and be outside without a big, burly coat! I LOVE IT! All this wonderful weather has me dreaming of being outside 24/7.

Just smelling the warm breeze is enough to pick me up off my feet and carry me through the rest of winter. I have all my windows open, hoping to bring the outside in; even if for only a few blissful hours! I hear it is supposed to get cold again.

I'm thinking it would be great to get a sisal rug for my back patio and lots of beautiful flowers. I just love smelling the wafting fragrance of flowers on a Spring breeze. Maybe I can even find one of these fabulous bird houses for the many birds that greet us warmly each day.
Come on Spring! You are welcome here!!

Image two courtesy of Style Me Pretty. Image three from Crate & Barrel. The rest belong to Pottery Barn.

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  1. Hi Tammy. I hear ya!! I am itchin to plant some flowers and get some color around my house.