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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Project

I thought it was only fair that I shared with you a little project I completed with my new Christmas tool set.

I have always wanted a foyer in my house. Right now my front door opens right into my living room. I can just imagine a small landing that greets you warmly as you come in from the cold (which it is right now in PA!) Just big enough for a white table or hutch ... a place to organize your keys and coats, but yet hold a few pretty things.

It's kinda like when you meet someone for the first time, you want to give them the best impression. Well, that's how I think of a foyer. That first sunny welcome into the heart of your home.

I took a before picture of the landing just inside my front door.

One step in, and there you are. I can fit a small desk-size table or chair here, however there are two problems. The front door and closet door open right into the space. So, I devised a plan with my new pink tool kit. I painted and hung three hooks to hold my daughter's coats. Then I hung their pictures above. Below the hooks I put a basket for their shoes and one in between theirs for my outgoing magazines.

Now when they come in, instead of throwing their coats across the couch, they can hang up their coats on the hooks and place their shoes in their baskets. Well....that's how it's supposed to work anyway! (smile)

pics courtesy of: Pic#2 House and Garden Magazine. Pics#3 and #4 Pottery Barn.


  1. HI Tammy! The sign you questioned was a stamped sign I made from a famous bible verse about love. You can see it here on this post:

  2. I like it! It looks simple and organized! and i just love the image from Pottery barn.

    I don't have any room for anything in the entry. wish I did.