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Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Barns

Happy Easter Week!
There is something about seeing an old barn afar off in the field, that really warms my heart. I love to gaze at it as we drive by for as long as I can keep it in view. Maybe it's because we grew up beside my grandparents' farm. I would run a couple hundred feet through the corn field and there I was. A red barn. A white, looming silo and a two-story farmhouse.
Farmhouse living was fun! There was always lots of people. My dad and his brothers would be wrestling from one room to the next, and us girls (kids at the time) would have to hurry out of the way to miss being knocked over in their crazy, fun antics. My "blue" grandma would always be in the kitchen cooking and baking. It always smelled good and I always raided the fridge.
I would raid her candy jar too. She never disappointed. She had this antique, silver dish with a lid and inside were always thick, pink mints and at Christmas time, those chewy Christmas wreath peppermints.
I hope you are having fond memories of your childhood today!

Easter Blessings!

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