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Monday, April 11, 2011

Be Calm and Eat Cake!

Happy Sunshine!!

It is a beautiful, Spring day here and we are thrilled for the sunshine! HOORAY!!
The bikes came out, the sleeveless tops and shorts. Nothing more beautiful than a sun-filled day!

We've all seen (maybe have) one of these signs. I've decided to change up the wording a little bit to fit my "needs." My family is participating in giving something up for Lent.
My beloved has given up tv (a big sacrifice!); my oldest: straws, my youngest: juice and yours truly: cakes, cookies and pies(another big sacrifice!)
So, my kitchen chalkboard has been boasting, EAT CAKE and CARRY ON (NOT!) just as a little reminder to my commitment.
I'll tell you, it's been tough to give up my favorite treat: chocolate junior tasty cakes, but I am doing it!!

I've been so proud of my girls too who are making their sacrifices for the first time.
Nothing compares to what Jesus has done for us on the cross! Happy Easter season!

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