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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Fling

I have eagerly embraced Spring and am all about the warm weather! Though today was a particularly rainy and stormy day in South Central PA, it was a good day to make a few little changes to the house. I love this picture of my girls. When I look at this picture of them, I feel like they are right there.
This little white table and chairs was given to us by Julie (thanks Juls!) I was delighted at how cute it looks in our youngest daughter's bedroom. This was the perfect touch for her. She loves sitting at it and playing with her dolls or crafting.
We just celebrated my mom's 67th birthday! She does not look 67 at all! We went with a garden and bird theme. I used these cute little bird nests on each plate and these lovely flowering Maple branches from our tree in the backyard to add a pop of Spring color.
We had some wonderful Spring visitors this week too. Much to my surprise I look out my front door just as we are starting our school day, and there on our front lawn are three beautiful mallard ducks. Two male and one female. We spent the next 20 minutes throwing every last morsel of bread to them that we had. The girls and I were beside ourselves with joy.
They were very friendly birds and came almost to our front porch to greet us. This male was very protective of his female and barely left her side. We kept praying them off the road as they wandered that way.
Finally hovering just above some trees at our neighbors were some more mallards and when our ducks saw them, up they flew. We figured the Lord just gave our ducks a little break in our front yard so we could observe them for our science lesson that day! What fun!
Have a happy weekend!

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