From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nature Prose

The cool woods sat lonely beckoning me in. My eyes lingered, shielded from  the blazing sun. It had already managed to burn red into the creases on my forehead.
The tall cedars looming before me would be  a respite. “Too much time in the sun,” my grandma would say, “Gives you brown and leathery skin.” Not to mention wrinkled and old- looking, my thoughts echoed in response. I was sure if I had had that conversation out loud, the flickers and chickadees would have went on drumming and chirping. 
They didn’t seem to be bothered by my light tread on the old mulch trail. The sun was behind me. I rushed toward the shade of the looming cedar trees and reached out my hand to tame a dancing butterfly. She danced around me, playfully wanting me to keep playing her game. Her bright yellow wings and long black body reminded me of the burning sun I left behind. The woods were a haven for now. I pulled at the cap on my water bottle. Water, so cool and clean, I could certainly enjoy it now. I leaned against a dogwood and burrowed the toe of my weathered Birkenstocks into a small hole in the base of the tree. 
 A possum or maybe a wayward fox was eagerly gnawing away at the aged bark. I wondered how much of the forest floor was scurried away by animals eager  to build their Spring habitats. Maybe the cracked black walnut shells and empty acorns would lead me to a creature’s home. I was intrigued by  the creation rolled out like a carpet before me. My curiosity would carry me further into the woods...

Recently we took a wonderful nature walk, observing God's good creation. This little piece above is my response to all that I saw and imagined could be.  Just thought I'd share (smile).  By the way, the photos are from a trip to South Africa that some friends took and glady shared with me.

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