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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dinner Tonight

Oh, hello friends! 
I am preparing for a wonderful week of meals! This is always a battle I fight: knowing what to make and making something that everyone enjoys. It's not so much the making of the meal, I like cooking. It's the routine and running out of fresh ideas. But tonight I am prepared! Hooray! 
Monday - Chicken Mexican Wraps: chicken cooked in the crock pot with salsa and taco seasoning. Wrapped in flour tortillas and loaded with lettuce, a little cheese and maybe a touch more salsa. Oh, and don't forget the chips!
Tuesday - Chicken Salad sandwiches: Crock pot cooked chicken, shredded and cooled. Pecans, grapes, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and onions. I made this fresh this morning so all the goodness will meld together until dinner tomorrow night. This just speaks to me of a great Spring time meal. I feel the sunshine already!
Wednesday - Chicken Bundles - I know, I know. Enough chicken already, but I'm on a roll! Ha! Shredded chicken (cooked in the crockpot - how did you know?) and loaded into crescent rolls with a tablespoon or two of cream cheese. Wrap those little guys up and bake in the oven with some fresh parsley on top! YUM!
Thursday - Bar-B-Q
Friday - Pizza Casserole

Three of these recipes are new to us. At the end of the week I'm going to have everyone vote on their favorite and we'll celebrate with rainbow sherbert for a treat!
Have a Yummy week.

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  1. Love. The. Jammies.

    All giggles and grins here too!!