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Monday, May 30, 2011

Saying Thank you

Happy Monday Everyone!
It's been wonderful to have the weekend "off." As a stay-at-home mom, to have "off" means my husband is not working and is equally at home and in charge of the kiddos! I love that. It changes up the whole atmosphere. Does that happen for you?

For us, weekends are about getting outside and having fun. My honey and youngest had fun building their first bird house together. He reluctantly gave in to painting it pink in the end. It made me smile.

This has got to be one of the coolest ideas for weekends or weekdays! We love pancakes especially on lazy Saturdays. Clean out an old bottle of mayonnaise or ketchup or whatever is handy. It makes the best container to store pancake batter and is great to create the perfect - sized pancake!

I hope your weekend was fun!!
Until later,

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  1. First, your profile picture is totally adorbs! Been enjoying reading through your blog. The pictures are amazing!!!! And I have to agree with you on the farm table. I would love one of those for our dining room too =)