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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Learning a lot from a little

For three days my girls and I were "holed up" if you will in our home -- our basement to be exact -- while two, nice carpenters banged and thumped and ripped our kitchen apart. It sounded worse from below. (Our floor boards are thin!) And we had the satisfaction of peeking upstairs every so often to check in on the progress.

Isn't it fun to see things take shape and unfold?
This is the first year I have had flowers in my garden. The first year we moved here was all about ripping things out. The second year I planted a little. Tore those out. Not the right sun/shade. They weren't making it. Last year we had a few cone flowers growing and put down black mulch on a pretty bare bed.

This year I am happy to see that the peonies I planted last year -- left for dead -- have been resurrected and are now flourishing beside some purple salvia that I dug from my front flower bed.
I have some areas to work on over the years, but I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my garden.
Oh, what a good feeling!

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