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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Makes a Garden Grow?

Joanna, of course!
Her Seed and Supply Store is just beyond the shade of the rusty silos and is so delightful to wander through in the Texas sunshine. Ahhhh...feel the breeze!
I love this display of Zinnias that line a bed in front of a cute little shed near the Seed store. Her attention to detail is obvious in the little chalk board signs the describe each flower and vegetable growing.
This is one of the adorable fairy gardens that Joanna has created inside of a salvaged planter box. They are throughout the gardens which makes wandering so lovely at every step.
I will leave you with this anticipated view of Magnolia Flour. Joanna Gaines new bakery that opened the beginning of July. We were one of the lucky ones to see and taste! Tomorrow I'll let you know my favorite cupcake! It's so hard to choose just one!

Enjoying Summer,

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  1. How fun and I bet yummy with the cupcakes. I hope to visit there some day.
    Thanks for sharing more of your fun trip Tammy.