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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More of Texas

How is summer treating you, friends? I hope it's relaxing and warm wherever you are. That just seems like the perfect recipe for a perfect summer to me.
I've really been enjoying sharing all my Magnolia Market Adventure with you. And I appreciate your sweet comments. I hope you get the chance to go yourself as some of you have it on your bucket list of things to do!!  If you have missed any of those posts, you can reference them below.
Friends have asked what the favorite part of the whole trip was. That is so tough. I love flying in an airplane. I love A.N.Y. adventure. I love me some rusty, chippy industrial farmhouse design. I love the outdoors. And yummy treats! Well, it's just hard to narrow it down.
 My mom read of Jo Jo and Chip"s latest purchase. So of course we had to look up the address and drive to it. It was somewhere in Waco. Waco is pretty big. Much bigger than I had anticipated! 
I had to wonder at the kind of fancy parties one could have in such a beautiful house as this. I imagine ladies in ball gowns and men in tuxes. Maybe from the 1920's or 1940's. (sigh) 
At last we drove to a neighboring town called Crawford where Chip and Joanna have their white farmhouse. 
Even in the moonlight the place was aglow with perfection. 

More lovely pics of the Gaines' farmhouse and Texas Long Horns next post! 


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