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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beauty in the Details!

Let's see...where were we? Ahh yes, (sigh) Magnolia Market!
By the time the doors opened at 9a.m. a nice line had formed. There was a good mix of both men and women.
When you first walk in you are greeted by the hostess who hands you a super cute shopping bag and you can sign the guest book. There were so many signatures and comments filling the pages!
This fabulous display is on the second level of the cotton mill. It's across from Chip's corner. Every display is like a work of art to be studied. 
 Love this attention to detail at the end of the check out counter!

I just had to take this shot. This is the ceiling of the mill down on Chip's floor. It is so cool and industrial to look up and see this. She has lights like these hanging everywhere throughout the whole property!
Okay, not that I'm done with pictures of the inside, but let's move outside to the grounds for a little stroll. It'll take your breath away!
 This is the large barn-like structure/pavillion she had built to house lots of white picnic tables. There are fans whirling air throughout the building as well as a refreshing spritz of cool water spraying over everyone. We were very grateful! This building is at the far end of the lawn and you can see two of the seven food trucks, Common Grounds and Milo just behind it. 
 Many people took advantage of the lawn games. It's such a fun idea. And I loved these black and white bean bag chairs all over the green turf. 
 So much more to share, friends. Please come back tomorrow and I'll have plenty more pictures of the grounds and the Seed and Supply Store you can see in the distance. She has the cutest display of fairy gardens!

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