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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wonderful Surprises

I get SO EXCITED when January is almost over!! That means that Spring is just that much closer!!! Anyone else long for the spring and warmer weather like that?
As if to brighten my winter days with a little warm hug, I received a wonderful email from Kimberly Taylor saying I had won the most beautiful and fabulous of surprise packages.
SQUEAL!! Of course I rallied my family around me at the computer just to show them it was true and to make sure I really was not just dreaming! More squeals!
For over a year I have longed for a ruffle pocket book. I've seen them all over the internet and wished I was as crafty as many of the ladies on the blogs I've read. The very morning that I found out that I won this prize package, I looked at a picture of a ruffled purse and thought how wonderful it would be to win one.

Now I was going to have my very own ruffled bag!!!! SQUEAL!! (Yes, lots of squealing around here!!)
I never really win anything, so this was really a big deal! And from Kimberly Taylor. I love her blog. charmante
The ruffled pocket book is made by Jeanne Oliver. She has the most beautiful things in her store.

 Do you see this sweet little red cross bag? I won that too. It holds a little tablet and some pens and cards in my ruffle bag. It's great! I also won a beautiful bauble bracelet that I neglected to photograph. Oooops!
What a wonderful pick-me-up for mid - winter blues!

I hope you win something fabulous today!! You deserve it!

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