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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Yard Sale

Last Sunday we were coming home from church and my little curly-top girl says, "Mama I want to have a yard sale!" A yard sale??????  In the middle of winter? (I am not a winter girl!) "Yes Mama. And I want to give away healthy snacks. Can we do it right now?" And just like any good mama would do (hee hee hee) we rolled from the car to the kitchen and pulled out the carrots, strawberries, blueberries (organic ones even!) left-over christmas clementines and some fresh, pink lemonade. Honey set up baking us some home made french onion soup with crusty bread and melted cheese, and the girls and I ....well, we gathered up blankets and coats and set out for the end of the driveway! It was barely 40 degrees, but there we were. Smiles and all. Right at the end of the driveway with our Free Healthy Snacks sign curling up in the chilly breeze.
We waited. We prayed. Waited some more. Finally little curly-top says with a cold pout, "Mama. God hasn't answered my prayer." I knew what she meant. I prayed harder. Begging God for one customer in the dead of winter to brighten a little girl's day. Finally, he stops. The most unlikely character. A beat-up dirty truck. Half off the road. Half on. Smiling, crooked teeth between a hairy lip and unshaven chin. Long sandy hair pulled back in a knotty pony tail. Bare arms revealing multiple tattoos.
"What have we here?" He bellowed. His friendly demeanor eased us all. "Free Snacks" He went on. Finally he decided on a cold lemonade. It matched the way we felt on the outside so well. "Free, huh? Well, we can't have that!" And he shoved two dollars into a plastic cup. "God bless you" we called after him. He turned around and smiled, "And God bless you!" We cheered!! Our first customer! 
Soon after, Honey delivered hot bowls of crusty french onion soup while we served customers two, three, four, five AND SIX! 
We giggled and snuggled into our blankets some more,wondering if the warmth we felt came from the hot soup or the joy of a stranger! 

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  1. I love this story! You guys crack me up. God Bless.