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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Eric Liddell was a champion runner You may remember his story from the movie, Chariots of Fire. Something he said, I will never forget: "When I run, I feel God's pleasure." 
I am not a runner by any stretch of the imagination. But I sure do love to decorate!!
Friday I was given the chance of a lifetime! A dear friend, who has seen my house asked if I would decorate a Bed and Breakfast she was renting to throw a 40th birthday party for her husband, Randy. He will also be deployed to Afghanistan in August.  
WOOHOOO!!! It was really a dream come true! Since May until now my brain was filled with wonderful decorating ideas about a Chocolate and Wine Tasting party. Since Randy and Laura are big beach combers we went with a vintage beach theme. Oh, it was fun!!!
I chalk painted empty wine bottles and found the cutest candle corks.My daughters were so gracious to give up some sand from their sand box so I could make a wonderful sand "sculpture" at our fourth wine and chocolate pairing.
We hung (Christmas) lights on the pergola and white lamps for some outside ambiance. It really set the mood.
Because it was over 100 degrees that day, I had to bring in all my candles because they turned to liquid!! What an easy problem to solve! I tried to be mindful of my friend's budget, so I worked with what I had on hand and bought only the things to accessorize.
We had plenty of seashells on hand and some wonderful netting for over our burlap table covers. I also took wine corks and cut a slit in them as a place card holder for the wine and chocolates being tasted. Ann was our wine hostess and she instructed us in proper wine tasting etiquette. There was no shortage of chocolate! I made up these cute little bundles of three Hershey's minis and wrapped them in bits of scrapbook paper. Then I tied some twine around them for a little favor.
And of course there was plenty of food! Family made food and did such a fabulous job creating the finished look my friend Laura was going for. YUM!
I chalk painted an old door my mom had stored away in her garage. It was perfect for wine and chocolate instructions! And as I worked throughout the day getting everything ready, I remembered the words of Eric Liddell and knew I was feeling God's pleasure!
Happy Decorating!


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