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Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Spring beckons me outside, I throw open every window and door to delight in the sun. See, I’m an outdoor – kinda – girl. The sun greets me as it envelopes the room I’m in. Folds me into its embrace, and I, a grown woman (with a little girl inside) run happily into the sunshine.
 The word “delight” comes to mind.  My five-year-old princess was delighting in our excursion to the Farmers Market this morning. She skipped and gushed, and giggled and glowed. What beauty. I stopped to take her in. She was aglow with mirth and merriment. I recognized the word in her right away. 
When this season comes upon me, I am so delighted to throw open the door to our sun room. It is only a three season room, so for several months in the winter, we don’t get to enjoy it. But come Spring, the path to the outdoors is always through the sun room. 

I remembered this wonderful mosquito netting I had tucked away. The girls had it in their rooms for awhile and then it became too much of a temptation to tug at, so we had to put it away. Now that we are in a new season, I am trying it out in my space. Lovely, don’t you think? It’s the kind of place I like to languish. Now, my girls do too.
Enjoying the sun until our next chat. 

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