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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Part of the Family

We are soooooooooo blessed to have "added" to our family two more Chinese girls! They came and went so quickly this year, unlike other years, we really had to make the best use of every minute while they were here. They come through an agency called, American Home Life. They place Chinese students, ages 10-14 in your home for up to 2 weeks once or twice a year. This is our fourth time hosting.
I have to say, these were two of the sweetest girls we've ever hosted. They were so helpful in the kitchen and with dinner. It's hard to see them go! (sigh)
We miss you already Doris and Rita!! And for those of you that have heard about my recent change in hair color, here is a sneak peak of the new me. From a blonde to a brunette! It took me at least one month to "recognize" myself in the mirror after the first color change. We are doing it gradually so I can "handle" the change! HA! 
I think I can handle it now (smile).
What are the jar of cookies in the middle you ask? I found this great picture in a magazine with fat, chocolate chip cookies piled high in a cookie jar. I thought it was such a unique and creative idea, that I used it for a recent dessert party. F.U.N.

Hope you are having the greatest summer. We start back to school August 1 here.
Until later ....

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