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Saturday, November 3, 2012


November always catches me off guard. It's cousins, September and October, rush in with a calendar-load of Autumn activities. There was leaves to rake, hay wagon rides, carmel apples and apple dumplings to make. Apple picking and long, crisp hikes in a fresh wood laced with leaves in their true colors of oranges, reds and yellows. I love all that! But when November comes in, at least this year, it came in colder than I was expecting. The previous months brought in gradual cooler temperatures that still reminded me of my long, lazy days of summer.  

But not November! It reminds me of a story I was just reading to my girls. A book about the cold wind knocking at the door. Innocent Mr. Owl invited the cold wind inside and it quickly put out the cheery fire and made his hot cocoa cool. I'm not ready for that knock at the door. Are you? 
Today my girls and I pulled out our winter box of goodies. Fleece turquoise and pink scarves, fuzzy white hats and warm, winter gloves. It felt good to welcome those old friends to the beginning of November. I guess I better keep them handy. My mother tells me we are expecting a Nor'easter. I'm definitely not ready for that!
Enjoy these cooler COLDER days my friend.

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