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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Date on the Cheap

Hello from the wind-swept NorthEast --
All is well in our little neighborhood after Hurricane Irene winds and rains have come through. It's actually lovely hearing the wind in the trees!

Over the weekend, I told you my sister and mom and I went to the movies. Well, I wanted to share with you our deal that we "worked" to make it a cheap little date. First we went to Tokyo diner and took out some sushi with  a 15% coupon making it only  $5 for 8 pieces of a spicy tuna roll. We each bought a soda and candy bar at Rite Aid for $3 and smuggled them into the theatre to save $3 a candy bar and $4 a drink!
Then my sis (clever girl!) had a free medium size popcorn coupon that she got from visiting the theatre and had her frequent movie watcher card stamped.
Thus bringing the total to a whopping $14 including a $6 movie ticket.  (Without all the savings the bill would have been $23) We also went during the matinee show, otherwise we would have added another $6 to our movie ticket. Outrageous!!
So we really had a good time and it was a decent deal in the end!

Hope your Sunday is fabulous!!

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