From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gone with the Wind

Ohhhh, what a beautiful day this is! We have been so blessed here in Pennsylvania that the Hurricane did very little damage. At least in our little area. I captured my bedroom curtains blowing in the wonderful 40 mph wind. I really felt like I was at the beach.
This whole week has found me thinking and dreaming of the ocean and sand and sun. So to bring myself a little closer to the shore, I decorated my new farm table with a beach vibe. See what you think!

If you can't be on the beach, bring it home, right? This has made me feel a little closer!

Until later,


  1. I love an open window! Your table looks great!

  2. Great blog! just found you in the Ha-Ha forum! Looking for the follow your decorate for low budget homeschoolers using their own [mine-shabby]household items stuff....for hire? Just checking--Your pictures a re beautiful! Kids are too! Have a great day--definitely a great day to have an inside beach day! Becky