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Thursday, August 11, 2011


My Man Made Me A Farm Table!! I am so proud of him!! He has never made anything in his life, and yet he made this so effortlessly. (so it seemed!)
He started with a plan he found on HGTV that closely matched what I told him I was looking for. And within two days (evenings after work) it was done. I am really speechless and awed that he would do this for me.
Here's a look at the table from Dreamy Whites that I told my man that I was hoping for. Isn't it beautiful? I've been swooning over it ever since I found Maria's blog. Now I almost have one just like it. I say "almost" because we have yet to paint ours. Because I don't trust myself with the meticulous work of painting such a fine table, I have given the task up again, to my husband. He will do a great job.

Here is my husband hard at work constructing the frame of the table. I had my mom and grandma drive over just to check it out at this point, I was so thrilled! They were very impressed. So was my neighbor. He wandered over to ask what Bob was making. My husband laughed after our neighbor had gone home and said, " I should have told him I was building an ark" Love his sense of humor!!!

You'll have to forgive me for rushing ahead and setting the table already! You understand these things, right?

When it's painted, I will be sure to show you the final look. Probably with a whole new table setting, to boot!
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  1. Love It! Wow! Don't you love it when they make you something! It is so much more special!