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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rice Noodles, Sushi and Chicken Teriyaki

Happy Summer, Friends!
It has been one fabulous summer so far. Not only has the sun been holding up to its end of the bargain with hot, sunny days, but my time has been wonderfully orchestrated this summer. It is of no merit of my own.
We've enjoyed our first camping trips this summer with friends and family. God blessed us with the most incredible "back yard view" on our second camping trip. I wish I had a picture to share. I think I was just so awe-struck with the lake shimmering through the tall pines that I never thought to get my camera!  Isn't that what camping is all about? Enjoying nature and relaxing? My girls had so much fun making new friends, and we were blessed to have neighboring campers with 5 girls!

We've also been blessed this summer to meet two girls from China. They stayed in our home for one week while on a one month American tour. They were so precious and reminded me of our Chinese "daughters" from last summer. One of the highlights of the trip was discovering that I could now skype with them in China. It's called a "qq" number. They were so happy to help us get set up to be able to communicate with them. We gave them Bibles and cartoon books in Chinese that they can later share with their families back home.

They also taught us a new appreciation for some of their Chinese foods, and hopefully they enjoyed some of ours!

Our summer has also been filled with day trips t to Hershey Gardens and the Butterfly House and countless trips to my brother's pool. I am so thankful for his pool!(and my brother!)

It's also been a great summer just because my Honey has been home every weekend to share it with me. This is our first summer in eight years that he has not played baseball on weekends.

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy your summer! Would love to hear what you've been up to! And how you have stayed cool!

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