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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ni Hao!

Hello my dear friends --
I have been enjoying the busiest summer I can remember since kids! It started with a little idea to go camping, not once, but twice this summer. Then we returned home and my six year old decided she would like to have a talent show -- with all her friends. So we organized and "did all that." No sooner was that accomplished then it was time to pack up and head to the hills for more camping.
But just before we left for camping we received an urgent call from a friend that a bus full of Chinese students from the Hunan Province were coming to our area without a place to live for a week. Could two girls stay with us? OH YEAH!!! We had such a great time with our two Chinese students last year, that we couldn't wait to do it again. (although last year we had months to prepare...not hours!!)

Now as I sit here and type this, my girls and husband are anxiously wanting to know if I am ready to go to the pool on this unseasonably 102 degree day!! Another, Oh yeah!!

So here is where I will end for now .... so much more to write and tell later. Happy Summer!

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