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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three in a Hammock

I know my title says "Three in a Hammock" .... I can explain.
You see, I'm keeping this joy journal this summer. A little book that lists all my thanksgivings to God. It's in response to a book I'm reading called, "One Thousand Gifts." Have you read it? I highly recommend it!
Anyway, I really had a blissful time with my two girls today on the hammock. We sucked in the perfectly warm, sunshiny summer and laughed loudly with each swoosh we made in the hammock.
REALLY laughed. Laughed so all the neighbors could hear, I'm sure! (I hope they could laugh with us!)
It was great fun! Just that exchange of summer breath for summer breath. Squealing. Tipping. Swooshing! (I'll have you know, nobody fell out!! )
But, you know how it is when you are the sole cameraman and you are in the action. So, the picture I am sharing is not the three of us, but the beautiful children that are my girl's missionary friends to Africa. They visited with us last summer.
Oh, the joy of a hammock. Thank you Lord for such fun!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE that book. A total game changer for me!