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Friday, June 10, 2011

Makin' Iced Coffee

Wish you could be here right now! It would be fun to have a little "girl's night" and sip some brewed java in a blue mason jar!
Ya gotta love those jars! And ya gotta love the coffee!
On my recent trip to Lucketts I picked me up some eight blue mason jars. They proudly sit on my kitchen shelves.
But this is where it gets better ......

When I make my own "home brew" and pour it into my quart sized jars -- now my drinking glasses -- and sip away.
Here's how I make mine: (the easy way!)
One Keurig Coffee Maker
One Donut Shop K-Kup Chocolate Glazed Donut
Large vintage coffee mug
Two teaspoons of Coffee Mate Hazlenut creamer
Pour it all over cubed ice

Somehow these darling little jars are even cuter when I'm drinking my iced coffee from them!! Y.U.M.


  1. love it.My husband roasts his own coffee, and I am pretty spoiled. I love the jar idea. What a fun twist!

  2. super cute! sounds wonderful. enjoy!

  3. Love my aqua jars too...and it's almost, but not quite, warm enough for iced coffee here. I'm jealous you got to go to Lucketts!