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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pam's House

Hello Again --
If you missed my previous two posts about our Vintage Home Tours, go back and check them out.  You won't want to miss the decorating inspiration for your own homes.

Now on to Pam's house.

Love the tulle under the tree and the roaring fire place! And how about the old door? I am definitely a lover of old doors!

This lamp shade is made with coffee filters! Isn't that cool? What an awesome DIY. I just wanna make a few right now!

My guy has had a few "boxes" delivered to the house recently. They no sooner get dropped off by fed ex when my oldest runs and snatches them up and takes them into his office. She's his little elf. I am really hoping one of these beauties will be in one of these packages. I doubt it though. My husband is into backpacking now and will most likely have bought me a zero degree sleeping bag like "I" got him for Christmas. HA!
Am I right, honey?

Merry Christmas All!

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