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Monday, December 1, 2014

Disney and Back

Hello Friends --
Our family had a chance of a life time to spend eight sunny (read 80 beautiful degrees) in Disney World. My brother invited us for some fun at the parks and pools. I have to say my girls (and my!) favorite thing to do in Disney was the water parks and the resort pools.

One of our Disney goals was to meet the princesses. I would say we were pretty successful. We met every princess from Mary Poppins (I guess she's more of a character) to Ariel and Elsa and Anna. I could tell my youngest was still in the "enthralled" stage. She asked the sweetest, most innocent questions of the princesses. Things like, "Ariel how do you swim under water with your long hair? Does it get in the way?" And "Elsa, will you give Olaf a hug from me. I like him." OH MY!!

So you know I couldn't make this post without some sort of decorating mention. Well, here it is. Our condo was dreamy! Do you see the planked wall behind the tv? And that white console was so contemporary!! Loved the contrast between the rustic wall and sleek, white table.
We do not own a leather couch, so this one was fabulous! And check out the galvanized-like end table? SWEET!!
I could get used to this view every day. This was our looking out of our sun porch onto one of the six resort pools. I couldn't get enough of seeing palm trees.

I hope you had a thankful holiday!

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