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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chevron Basket

Still at it, my friends.
I gave this little basket a bit of a makeover. I was in need of some Chevron around my living room. This is what I came up with. Like?
Behind this wall is our hall closet. It's always been a bit of a problem. It's very deep, with two large platforms. I've never really known how to best organize it and so over the years it's become somewhat of a dumping ground.
Today I took the rod from my daughter's closet to see if it would fit in here. It does! And with that one little fix we are able to store so many extra coats and jackets.
I love me an organizational project. How about you? Do you like to organize? What have you organized lately?
Happy July 4th weekend my friends!

stars and stripes forever,

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