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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little by Little Part I

Christmas Greetings Ya'll!

(I've got a little Southern twang goin' on!) smile.

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was good. I've taken a few notes for next year though. More serving spoons. Somehow we just didn't have enough. Probably too many in the dishwasher. HA!
I am so loving the way my fireplace mantle came out this year. You've seen the clip boards with pictures on them, right? I downloaded a copy of chalkboard Christmas art I found somewhere online, and attached that so easily to my clipboard. Also a recent purchase is the apothecary jar that I've been admiring for years. I finally bought one. Maybe someday I'll have three. HA!
The two vintage windows are a gift from a house - builder friend. So Love Those!! I also love the collection of little Christmas trees and especially the vintage - like cider jar we hauled home from a trip to South Carolina two years ago. It was one of those super cute farmers markets with tractor-churned ice cream.Y.U.M.
still looking for a miniature '50's truck to load a tree on top of to complete this vignette!!
I've been working hard on painting Christmas trees. YUP! You read that right! It seems they are all the rage at a little antique market I've recently visited. I'm trying to duplicate them. I'll have pictures coming soon! Plus another vignette that came about over an evening and morning. OH! I almost forgot. I finally painted some of my brown baskets with some paint too! Now they are all vintage-hipped out. Pictures coming soon!!

Hope you are enjoying the season!!



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