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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It Started with a Grill

This was one of the best gifts I   we could have given my husband. A weber charcoal grill! S.W.E.E.T It all started Friday night, two days before Father's Day. The girls and I had just picked it up Thursday afternoon and by Thursday night we were giggling through dinner and winking back our secrets to one another. Are you good at keeping secrets? I can keep a secret. No worries there. But it's the excitement and delight within that just wants to bubble out until the gift is finally given. Know what I mean?
So Friday night AFTER dinner we surprised him with it! It was a good thing we did. There was so much more to it than I knew! He researched the best way to start a charcoal fire and what accessories he needed. What a joy to share in his joy! As I type that, I can't help but think that must be how the Lord looks down upon his children as we enjoy His wonderful gifts. 
I was so blessed not to have to cook ALL WEEKEND! In fact, I'm still not cooking. I love this grill!! hee hee.
Sunday we took a wonderful hike on the Appalachian Trail. We walked through the most wonderful horse pasture. The horses were not near the trail this time, but other times it's been wonderful to pet them along the way!

At the end of our hike we finished off our day with slushies and Doritos. You any good mother would feed her kids for dinner! hee hee 
Hope your week is wonderful!

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