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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Party Favors

I've really lost track of how many parties I have hosted since Thanksgiving. It's been a record for me. Every detail has been a joy to create. I finally feel like it's something I am able to do and do well. This Friday we are having a sleep over party for my little girls. A party "just to get us through the rest of the winter season" kinda party. Know what I mean? This one will be a little more simpler and less detailed. I'm tired.
Nonetheless, the party must go on! It's a Veggie Tales Sweet Pea Beauty Party. We are crafting heart mobiles with key Bible verses to remember that our true beauty comes from within. "You are wonderfully and fearfully made" the Psalms tells us. God made us for His pleasure! Imagine that! It makes me so happy to be able to share this good news with precious little girls. Just think how this could change their perception of themselves in years to come. BEAUTIFUL!!
Some of the mamas will even be spending the night. It is sure to be a double blessing!
All photos courtesy of Jersey Icecream Store

Have a wonderful weekend!

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