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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Calendar says FALL

I haven't been very willing to relinquish Summer. 
It's my favorite time of year. But because my husband told me that the calendar says today is the official start of Fall, I will embrace it. 
Have you had anything recently that you haven't wanted to let go of? Embracing is not always easy. Not always welcome. It's about the "letting go and letting God" work in our lives through the thing we struggle with. It's a sacrifice.Sometimes easier said than done.
I will look at Fall with new eyes. Eyes to see the leaves twirling through the air. Ears to hear the laughter of my girls as they throw themselves whole-heartedly into the pile of leaves daddy has made for them. Lips to taste the yummy flavors of baked apples and cinnamon and pumpkin. A nose to smell those wonderful baking aromas that call us in from the outdoors to celebrate Autumn indoors. The crisp, cool air. The crunch of dried leaves. A pretty orange or gold wreath hung as a welcome on the door.
Fall is a poetry of colors, cool and bright.

source: weddings by jessica dicaro

What Fall thing have you been enjoying so far this season?

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