From somebody's trash to my treasure. I like to re-style & re-create what was once a cast off. Isn't that what Jesus does with us?

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little DIY

I was so proud of myself for doing this. AND doing it cheaply! I saw this fabulous picture in a magazine of three wreaths hung with one ribbon. It looked so beautiful on the front door, I just had to start shopping for my three wreaths. Well, as I shopped I discovered that I wasn't going to find any pre-decorated or even un-decorated green wreaths for less than $15-20 each. My heart sank. Weeks later I was in the dollar store and saw greenery wrapped up in a "circle" bundle for $1 each. I bought three.Then I bought blue and silver glittery balls for another $1 for two packs each. I hot glued them to my "wreaths" and tied a burlap bow on the top of each. One burlap ribbon holds all three together. I was so thrilled and everyone has said how great they look.

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