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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Present No. 2

Oh dear Friends --

I am just about bustin' out with this one!

For yearrrrrrrrrrrs I have been drooling over lockers in people's mud rooms. Wishing to have one or two for my own space. I even came so close to buying two turquoise ones at a consignment shop a couple years ago and passed them by because of the hefty price tag. Ouch!
Then on Thanksgiving a friend said her school was installing all new lockers. I made a casual comment that I have been wanting some for ever and her reply was, "Then come get them!" I'm still reliving the whole thing.
Her principal was even so nice to help me load HOWEVER MANY I WANTED into the back of my husband's Ford truck. His comment was, "It looks like these were made to fit the truck bed." Yes, indeed they were.           Woohooooooo!! 
 Right now I am admiring them just as they are. But come the first of the year, the paint will be out and they will be getting a little makeover. My girls are thrilled too. Already Rachel has hers filled with coats and boots and books. 
 Check back with me in the months to come to see how they turn out. They are going to be sweet! 

Christmas Blessings,

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