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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Crafting

Hello Friends!
Somewhere in the midst of this beautiful summer time I found myself down in my crafting studio. Usually I go there as the cooler air brings Fall. But this time I think I retreated because of some days of intense, moist heat.
I was lucky enough to find a baby's crib sitting along the road for trash. I was so excited to put the spring of it to good use. I'm just loving how it looks above my work table!
Over time I've enjoyed creating journal books from cardboard, old books and paper bags. The one attached here is one of my favorites.
I've also been saving some jars from the grocery store (olives, jelly and so on) and painting their lids. They have such cute shapes and now with their cute lids and contents, I'm just smitten with the overall look.
I'm just loving this cute coaster I made out of popsicle sticks. Doesn't it look just like those palattes we see everywhere?

There's more to come on the crafting scene. But for now I want to leave you with this cool saying I just came across by  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

                      Live in the Sunshine
                      Swim the sea,
                      Drink the wild air.

Enjoy August,

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