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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cute No Sew Apron How - To

Hello Sweet Friends --

Joining me today is my sister and fellow crafter, Tina. Tina and I share lots of things in common (besides our parents).  We both enjoy yummy coffee, big garlic pickles and laps around the Farmers Market. (That's a story for another time!)  And of course, creating!

Tina has made an adorable (adorbs, my 10 year old would say) denim kid's apron. She showed up days before Easter and gave them to her favorite two nieces -- my daughters! They were tickled. I was delighted.  Just look at these cuties.

My youngest is pointing out the sweet pocket at the bottom of her apron.
Today we put them to the real test. We baked and decorated eighty cupcakes! They held up to cake crumbs, icing that shot across the table (It wasn't my fault! HA) and dark chocolate fingers. Y.U.M.
Now we'll see if they survive a good washing!

If you like to re purpose things like we do, then you'll love this no - sew project. 1. Tina took the leg of an old pair of jeans and ripped it apart so the leg was layed out flat. And that my friends is the body of the apron. So far so good, right?
2. Then she took another piece of denim and used fabric glue to fasten it midway down the apron.
3. She took those two patch work hearts from another clothing item and fabric glued them on as well.  You just have to go with it, friends and not worry about how it's supposed to flow. Make it yours as you do it. That's the fun of it.
4. Lastly she punched two holes at the top and just below the waist and put twine through to create ties for the neck and waist.
She put a little fabric glue at each hole to give the twin a little more strength and that was it. TA-DA! That simple and cute, friends. Don't you just wanna start rippin' your old jeans apart? HA!

As I looked at the aprons hanging against the wall I envisioned cute, denim bags. where did I put those old jeans of mine?
Have fun creating!! 

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