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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentines Idea

Hi Friends --
Recently my sweet man came home from a late night run to the grocery store. With this! I know. Bad, right? Especially since we want to lose those extra five we gained over Christmas. I do recommend trying this! DELISH!!
They are so cute too. You know how's there's just something about little packages? Well, when you want to be conscientious about food consumption, it's great to have something decadent in a small package every so often. This is that!
Two come in a box. Just the right size for you and your sweetheart. And wouldn't this just be perfect for a little Valentine's treat, just the two of you?
Did I mention how creamy, light and decadently chocolate they are? Oh yea, baby!! 
We will definitly be going back for more!
See ya!

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